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Welcome to Aqua Oasis Pools & Spas 

Aqua Oasis Pools & Spas is a premier swimming pool service provider serving the peninsula, with a full complement of services including scheduled maintenance and pool repair services for residential pools and spas.

At Aqua Oasis Pools & Spas, we do what we say we will do, and do it in a timely manner. We are organized and pay close attention to detail. The most important promise we make is that we will treat you as if you were our only customer.

No single amenity enhances the value of your home or adds to your enjoyment like a pool. With proper care your pool can be a rejuvenating source of enjoyment for friends and family but it takes work and knowledge to keep your swimming pool in top condition. 

Let Aqua Oasis Pools & Spas do the work necessary to ensure sparkling clear water with the proper chemistry and the optimal working condition of all mechanical components. 

With Aqua Oasis Pools & Spas you can rest assured that your pool is receiving the attention necessary to give you years of worry free enjoyment provided by dependable, ethical pool experts. We will care for your pool or spa as if it was our own, because your pool or spa is our reputation.

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